Ground Breaking News for the UK Gospel Industry!!! Must Read.

Absolutely groundbreaking results for the UK Gospel industry as members of the Media Action group left Premier Radio Tuesday 6th August.

Spirits were high and united as the group took a mighty step forward. The decision was made to get behind the GMIA Gospel Media Industry Alliance and support the organisation.  Many Influencers came to the meeting, but to name a few Noel Robinson, Roy Francis, Yinka (,Jermaine Dallas, Madeleine Karzner Lady T, John Fisher, Cliff and Marie, Dennis Wade, Isiah Raymond, Anu Omideyi, Visionstvonline (Andrew & Shireen Morrison) & Afaron Gordon and of course Dennis from Astepfwd along with Adebayo from 7gospeltracks who helped facilitate the many meetings to bring the results to what they were.

Many things were discussed, a summary of results from the last 5 meetings with many other influencers, the extended business model, the process of finding new Directors for GMIA and key important dates.

The Gospel Industry is now on the lookout for 13 representatives that will be selected by all 6 regions

– Ireland (2)
– Scotland (2)
– North (2)
– Midlands (2)
– South East & London (3)
– South West & Wales (2)

These 13 reps will form the Nomination Committee by 16th August 2019, who’s roles will be to find a shortlist of Directors, finalise the Directors and enable a vetting process. There will also be a process in finding the new CEO for the GMIA.

South East and London will be meeting next week 14th August at 6.30pm, Premier Radio to choose 3 representatives for their region.

Excitement blaze as we move forward holding our beloved Gospel Industry close to our chest and rest it in the hands of the GMIA in attempts to create an infrastructure for the Gospel industry.

Well done to Juliet Fletcher and the GMIA team as we look forward to the future!!!

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