A Star, born and raised in Leytonstone is bringing back the voice of the streets, through Grime, with his highly anticipated debut album ​‘Born & Raised’​. Conquering his flow through lyrical precision with a strong yet powerful emotive voice behind every track, creating an undeniable presence and a certified seat at the table.

‘Born & Raised’ boasts of 13 tracks and takes us on several journeys. From growing up in East London as an ​‘E11 Kid’ to bringing us back to that original, high energy, nostalgic, grimey sound with the new single ​‘Rago’. ​Delivering some unbelievable weighty punchlines and entertaining lyrical wit.

A Star also gives us a privileged lens touching on personal elements of his life. Such as, life as a sickle cell sufferer and the battle with pornography whilst maintaining narrative cohesion. The realness, the brokenness into wholeness and the unprecedented edge are several reasons as to why A Star is not only set to go down in grime history; but most importantly, one of the most cultural inspiring figures of this generation.

Bringing a soulful sound and closing off the album with the track ​‘Off My Chest’ ​which leads into the gospel hymn ‘It is Well’, ​‘Born & Raised’ will leave you with chills. A Star has not only grown with his sound, but he has grown in knowledge, grown in truth and grown in fruits.

Welcome to ​‘Born & Raised’​.