I Want Out, is a new Black faith based movie

I Want Out, is a new Black faith based movie that was screened on 5th December 2021 at Renaissance Studios, 10-11 Tunstall Road, London SW9 8DA as part of the British Urban Film festival.

I Want Out tells the story of a woman and mother of two who is married to a rich, powerful and oppressive property developer.

She is not content with just being the wife, and is dissatisfied with the access she has to her husband’s wealth. She wants control of her husband’s money.

She is unsuccessful in her plan to kill her husband and so plots other duplicitous ways to access her husband’s wealth.

I Want Out tells the story of marital frustration, regret, greed and desperation.

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Vimeo:               https://vimeo.com/675847665

Bohemia Euphoria: https://bohemiaeuphoria.com/films/i-want-out/

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