Murder The Flesh is the debut EP by British Hip-Hop / Grime artist Feed’Em. Shortened to MTF “Murder the Flesh” is a deeper metaphor for internal turmoil. The 7-track EP is a narrative on the challenges people face and how they can overcome them. With songs such as “NBD” (Never Back Down) and “No Way” Feed’Em delves into his faith and life experiences to encourage listeners to stand tall. The overall sound of the EP is lyrical and hard-hitting, which leads you to a soothing and introspective ending in the form of “Casting Crownz”. There are songs you can chill to, get hyper to, work out to, and some lyrically intriguing music to add to your playlist.

Check out one of his videos from his New EP called NBD “Never Back Down”. and links below to were you can download or stream his music. He is differently a one to watch!!!

Looking forward for more music from Feed’em in the near future!!!