It’s the first worship song I’ve ever written this year 2020. I wrote it before easter of this year. The song is about peace and hope during this pandemic. I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write a song about Jesus. I asked God and humble myself before HIM through prayers when I wrote this song. “I believe in You” is the title of my song because I know in my heart that despite of all the struggles, hardships in life, I believe that God still in control. As long as we trust and keep the faith in HIM. I wrote and made the melody of this song in less than 30 minutes. It’s a living testimony that there’s nothing impossible with God as long as you BELIEVE and HUMBLE YOURSELF.

Joe Felarca is a singer/songwriter who began singing at very young age. He was born and raised in the Philippines but now reside in the Midwest (Iowa), USA. Music is such a huge part of his life. A worshipper that is using his gift to lead people into the presence of God. He loves to share the grace of Jesus through his music. His debut single “I believe in you” is the first worship song he has ever written last April 2020 with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Aside from singing, he’s also pursuing a degree in nursing. As of now, he’s working on releasing his first worship album. All for God’s glory!


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