Volney Morgan & New-Ye are BACK !!!

The Innovative and energetic multi-award winning UK gospel group, are set to release their brand new project ‘EmpoweredBy Life’ in just one week.

For this new project Volney Morgan & New-Ye have partnered up with EmpowerBy, to create music that speaks your language with a message we can all identify with.

Volney Morgan states – “Music is a universal language but what crosses time, generations and even cultures is the message in the music. This project is a story reflecting the ups and downs of life which we can all
identify with, but we are not just leaving it there the project is also an invitation to try life with Jesus knowing that It took a life to give us life”.

‘EmpoweredBy Life’ has something for everybody whether you go to church every Sunday or have never stepped in a church. With an uplifting sound that you can vibe to, infused with a hopeful message.

Volney Morgan & New-Ye have found their feet and are confident in being their authentic self, are comfortable with being different as well as standing out and this project is a reflection of that growth.

They do not disappoint in creating an atmosphere of free worship and bringing that vibrant inspirational sound that you can dance to.

‘EmpoweredBy Life’ will be released on Friday 23rd August 2019 on All Digital Platforms.