Product of My Environment is the latest EP by GLENNY Y. After the successful release of his debut EP, “Destined For Greatness” and his compilation album “The Reload”, GLENNY returns with another body of work for the masses to enjoy.

Despite this project being the shortest out of his previous releases, GLENNY Y provides an in-depth overview of what this new EP contains.

“Although it’s a shorter project than my previous one Destined For Greatness, it’s a tale of my journey through employment, spirituality and racism. The music was a way to express my emotions during my journey and to be honest it was quite intense. You will hear my frustrations with our society and my determination to make it right in all of it. Currently I’m working on my debut album and it will be my best one yet. So excited right now. You’ll hear more from me soon.” – Glenny Y

It is pretty clear that GLENNY Y wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerability as well his desire to be a global artist throughout his EP, “Product of My Environment”. The West London rapper continues to grow and step out of his comfort zone to deliver his message to the young. This new project is one of many to come where he plans to make music that resonance with other people and give young people a voice. Glenny Y knows he embodies a difficult task ahead but holds on to his faith to overcome fears and take up that responsibility.

We are excited to see what GLENNY Y will do in the future for when he releases his debut album and impacts this generation. All in the name of Yahweh he seeks to completes his mission. We patiently wait to see what he’ll do next.

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