Nick & Becky Drake from Worship For Everyone sign record & publishing deal with Integrity MusicWe are delighted to announce that Nick & Becky Drake have recently joined the Integrity Music family.

Nick & Becky have been leading worship for many years and are currently part of Gas Street Church in Birmingham, where Nick is Associate Pastor.

Out of a shared passion to create an inclusive worship experience that reflects the heart of the Father, they founded Worship For Everyone in 2010.

Worship For Everyone is a movement to unite all ages in worship, writing songs for churches, homes and schools. Becky is also a School Chaplain and together they have 4 children, who, along with Nick & Becky run a weekly Facebook live show called ‘Family At 4’.

“Nick and Becky are great! They bring together solid theology and great songs, refusing to accept that all-age worship is second class in any way. Nick and Becky live and breathe the vision to see people of all ages singing together in worship. I can think of no better endorsement than to say my kids sing their songs, and their faith is shaped by the work of ‘Worship for Everyone’,”

Steve Harding, A&R ManagerOver the next year Nick and Becky are releasing 9 songs that inspire us, encourage us and give language to express our worship to God. Their first single, ‘Speak Your Name’ is coming tomorrow, Friday 5th June 2020.


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