Kelly Nunn is bringing his whole arsenal into the gospel scene!!


Kelly Nunn is part musician, part producer and part road warrior. Combining 20 years of experience spanning every genre from indie rock, metal, to folk, Kelly crosses over from producer to musician once again to bring you his work. After over 15 years of recording and touring in over 20 ( Underoath/ FurtherSeemsForever/ Maylene&theSonsofDisaster ), Kelly took time off the road to pursue his passions on the other side of the soundboard. In doing so, as a producer & Worship Pastor in his current hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, Kelly felt compelled to make an album that would be purely his from start to finish, incorporating some of his favourite musical elements with Worship at the heart. Go Check my New Song “For Your Glory” out everywhere Oct. 23 2020!

Instagram: kellysnunn