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Adegail hopes to spark a chord in the hearts of her listeners once again with her upcoming single Strength on 5th November 2021


Following the wide impact of her debut single Live For You in February 2021, the emerging multi-creative hopes to spark a chord in the hearts of her listeners once again with her upcoming single out on 5th November 2021.

If the ideal posture of any Believer since March 2020 could be summarised into a song then this song would be just that. Bringing a fun, fresh and eclectic take on congregational praise music, the singer-guitarist has written a song for the global body.

Adegail hopes that this new release will be a source of empowerment, hope and healing to anyone rebuilding in this ‘new normal.

With high anticipation surrounding this single, follow ‘Adegail’ on all streaming platforms to hear the song first.




The once shy Adegail has miraculously become a songwriting, guitar teaching, you-tubing, worship leading, event organising creative. By age 18, after overcoming years of hiding behind choirs and bands, Adegail had a “black swan” moment first whilst leading worship for the first time at church, then shortly after, finishing top 4 in two singing competitions which marked the turning point for her as an emerging multi-creative.

In 2019 Adegail’s passion for purpose quickly became an external mission, birthing her ‘iRadiate’ events that equip, encourage, educate and empower musicians globally. Her love for consistent excellence led her to release 75 worship remixes and acoustic #worshipwednesdaychallenge covers on social media bringing international traction to her ‘unique, peaceful’ sound and led notable industry personalities to dub her ‘a trailblazer’ within her community and beyond.

Likewise, Adegail’s music aims to empower churches and individuals alike to boldly and radiantly fulfil purpose. Her debut single, ‘Live For You’ which radio presenters dubbed ‘perfect’ for the pandemic and ‘timeless’, ranked as a top 4 song in the Official UK Christian Charts in 2021. It has been featured on UK, US, Caribbean and Nigerian radio stations and blogs and is accompanied by emotive live visuals shot at her ‘iRAAFA’ headline live recording.Inspired by fellow singer-instrumentalists Jonathan Mcreynolds, Israel Houghton, Unspoken, Mali Music, and Tori Kelly, Adegail plans to continue to inspire her generation with her God-given giftings.