Tina Divine Releases Stunning New Single ‘Freedom’

The British-Nigerian singer’s new song is a plea for faith and healing in a fractured world.

Tine Divine sings with the wisdom, grace, and clarity of a woman who has devoted her life to spreading the word of God.  The award-winning singer has performed extensively across both the United Kingdom and Africa, moving audiences to tears of inspiration at every turn.  On her latest single, she extends her hand to those suffering from mental illness and despair, offering the word of God as a pathway out of the darkness.

‘Freedom’ is directly inspired by Zechariah 4:6 and Isaiah 35:4-10, biblical verses that address the struggle for salvation.  Fittingly, ‘Freedom’ is defined by epic instrumentation, powerful lyricism, and Tina’s booming, instantly-recognizable voice.  It’s proof of the strength of womanhood, the uniting power of music, and the timeless message of the bible.  ‘Freedom’ will be enthusiastically received by Christian music fans everywhere.

‘Freedom’ is available


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