Afro-Caribbean fusion lyrical video and song from Psalmist Alysha Warren

UK Recording artist, Actress and Educator Psalmist Alysha Warren, has released Sweet Salvation her first single and lyrical video for 2023, a mid-tempo afro-beats production, with a touch of Caribbean. The track is written by Alysha Warren, co-written and produced by talented UK producer Mark A Crawford. Sweet Salvation is rich with vocal excellence and flavoured with life-changing lyrics. In the track, the Nigerian language Yoruba flows smoothly ‘Baba Oh, Oluwa Tobi’ interpreted as ‘Oh Father, the Lord is great’.

Affectionately known to many as the ‘Queen of Worship’, ‘Prophetic Singer’ and ‘Psalmist’, the songstress is appreciated globally. Alysha Warren enjoyed international success with her pop song,

which led to her signing with Warner Bros. At the height of her mainstream career, she decided to focus on using her gift to advance the gospel.

Inspiration behind the song

“In a nutshell, it’s my journey to Salvation. When I’ve tried everything to find that sense of purpose in my life, everything has been a waste of time until I found Salvation. Salvation through Christ which I describe as ‘sweet’ because my life has never remained the same, since I made that decision, and I would never trade it back for my old life. I hope this song will encourage anyone who is lost and seeking purpose to give that salvation a try”. – Alysha Warren

“Alysha Warren is changing lives in a positive way through her music” – CVM Television, Jamaica

“Psalmist Alysha Warren proves that success doesn’t end once you accept salvation, it’s not only better, but far more rewarding”. – Ven Spence PR

CVM Sunrise Jamaica TV network

Recently the artist made a guest appearance on Jamaica National television CVM Sunrise, to promote her new single on the morning programme.

We last heard from the Psalmist in 2022 with her single ‘Change’, fast forward to now with the release and promotion of her new single, with a remix in the pipeline, Alysha is also working on her forthcoming EP

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