Ché Sampson Offers Spiritual Comfort on New Single, ‘Speak to My Heart’ Donnie McClurkin Cover

The theme of basking in a newfound light pervades Ché Sampson’s music, as is evident from the title of both her 2013 EP, New Every Morning, and her latest album, Break Of Day

If there’s one song on the new project, which was released in January 2023, that captures the refreshing, energising feeling of stepping out into a crisp, summer’s dawn, it’s ‘Speak to My Heart’ which is a cover from the original song from Pastor Donnie McClurkin.

Arranged and features fellow BRIT School alumni, Sam Robson, the track builds triumphantly as each layer upon layer of angelic harmony is added. The vocals feel both delicate and commanding, intricate and expansive, with Robson joining Ché Sampson to produce a euphoric ode to God’s guidance and reassurance. 

On ‘Speak to My Heart’, Ché Sampson asks God to use her as a vessel through which the Holy Spirit can flow into others. It serves as the perfect conclusion to Break Of Day, with Ché Sampson illuminating the underlying message of the album: if you trust in God’s will rather than your own, you have nothing to fear. 

Speak to my heart, Lord / Give me your Holy word / If I can hear from You / Then I know what to do”. It’s a cri-de-coeur that many Christians can empathise with, but also one that Ché Sampson aims to touch non-believers’ hearts with. As is always the case with her music, the core focus is on providing comfort and hope, and showcasing a pathway towards a life of spiritual fulfilment.

As creative wellbeing practitioner Ché Sampson is able to introduce a sense of practicality into her soothing words of encouragement. Through ‘Speak to My Heart’, she is keen to stress that – whether we have committed our lives to Christ or not – it is completely normal to have negative and troubling thoughts. 

Everybody is subject to feelings of anxiety and worry. But the key thing to remember is that, through both the tough times and the happier times, God is always with you. You shouldn’t ever feel guilty for having fears or doubts in life. God works best with an honest and transparent heart, so if you take whatever is on your mind to God, He will help you find your way”, Ché Sampson underlines.

It’s a message that radiates through ‘Speak to My Heart’, and one that is amplified through the vibrance of Ché Sampson and Sam Robson’s vocals. It plays as a sonic sunrise, bottling up the sense of opportunity, new beginnings, excitement and peace that can be found when we turn towards the warmth of God’s light. 

Ché Sampson’s new single, ‘Speak to My Heart’ featuring Sam Robson, appears on her latest album, Break Of Day, which is available now.

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