Check out the New album called “LIFE” by Minister Taf

Award winning Gospel Reggae Artiste Minister Taf has gradually built a name for himself on the UK scene through his energetic performances and catchy lyrics. Last year he also managed to perform in Portugal & Berlin, Germany. His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make him one of the most versatile performers in the business today. He has graced the same stage with quite a few international and local acts, such as MOBO award winners Guvna B, Volney Morgan & New-Ye, and Triple O. International acts such as Dj Nicholas, Jason Mighty, Datin (USA) and Dwayne Tryumf.

“LIFE,” his new album is set to be released on April 21st, 2019 on all digital media platforms. On this album he addressed a variety of things in life such as being grateful, as a lot of people has become very ungrateful. The album also aims to encourage and lift people who are going through difficult moments in life and wants to give up. The track “Life Too Sweet” produced by: Qwequ Aj speaks about the escalating of Knife crime in London and hopes it reaches the youths to put down the Knives and Guns. Overall, the album sheds light on different things that are happening in life and hopes this will be an antidote. Minister Taf demonstrates versatility with songs ranging from different producers. The album features MOBO nominee Andrew Bello, Fiona Yorke, Tanesha (wife), Becca Folkes, and “The Voice UK” semi finalist Emmanuel Smith.





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