Daniel Lindahl – he wonders about God and the joy that comes from who He is! YHWH

This song is about the wonder of God and the joy that comes from who He is!

Growing up with a nurturing and faithful Christian family, Daniel Lindahl knows the importance of making faith in Christ your own. It was in the divide between his life at church and his life out in the world that he began to see his weakness. The inconsistency that tugged at his heart brought him to placing total faith in Jesus. “It took me realizing I couldn’t succeed at living a church life and a worldly life,” Lindahl says.

Lindahl’s most recent album Canvas is a product of both his growth as a musician and as a follower of Christ. Lindahl has always excelled at his work on guitar, but he has expanded his commitment as a musician to also include piano. “I play piano on more songs on this album than I play guitar which is certainly a change for me.” Lindahl also partnered with Adam Shinn, who recorded the keyboard parts, and Mark Rolseth, who performed the drums and other percussion.

Lindahl gives credit to the team that he worked with for helping him to expand his repertoire. “My producers Steffen Gastineau and Nathan Yake have really upped my music to another level,” he acclaims. Lindahl is also appreciative of the support he received from His Musician Pool, a community that facilitates the recording and production of Christian music. “His Musician Pool has empowered me as a songwriter to record these songs,” he adds in regards to Canvas.

The music that Lindahl writes covers a diverse amount of topics related to walking in the faith, but the main focus is always honest worship. “My goals have changed with each album I’ve done,” he states. The 2012 album For My King focuses on love and devotion. Held, released in 2015, targets intimacy and trust. Lindahl expresses “it begins and ends with worship” in coalition to his 2018 album Canvas.

Canvas was written during a dark and difficult time in Lindahl’s life. The inspiration for this album stemmed from a focus on childlike faith. “I used to work with kids and it would always brighten my day when they would give me a picture they made for me.” It was this thought of a child painting a picture for their father that brought Canvas to life. “This difficult season of my life has taught me to strip away the minutia and truly seek God for who He is.”

The songs that are featured on Lindahl’s newest album focus on hope, healing and finding that childlike faith. “Watercolors” took inspiration from Ferguson and Charlottesville and the devastation that results from racism and division. “I relate to the pain of longing for justice and hope.”

“Clinging” is a story about a trusting God even in the midst of a crippling season of depression. “Each song has a story and each song is deeply personal to me,” Lindahl answers. “Heaven”, the final song on the album, “was a letter to my Mom in a particularly hard season for her.”

Daniel Lindahl is a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota. To date, he has completed three full-length albums and looks forward to growing further as a musician and in his walk with Christ. His mission is music that conveys pure and honest worship.

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