FINAL CALL PRODUCTIONS Theatre production AND THERE WAS WAR is back after a 2-year break! Saturday 14th December 2019 at The Broadway Theatre in Catford, London

This Christmas be reminded of the real reason for the season! The spectacular Theatre Production by Final Call Productions is back at The Broadway Theatre in Catford, South London, United Kingdom on Saturday December 14th 2019 for the unique Christian Stage Play And There Was War!

With a brand-new cast, brand-new costumes and new awesome dance pieces by the talented Choreographer Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe, the Contemporary theatre production about good vs. evil, And There Was War, is shaping up to be the most impressive performance yet!

And There Was War, now in its 8 th year, written & directed by multi-award winning Filmaker, Playwright, & Poet Jermaine Wong, , is a play based on the Bible verse Revelation 12:7 which talks about the war that took place in heaven between God and Lucifer, it presents how sin entered the world through the selfish ambition and pride of the disgruntled angel Lucifer, played by actor Toheeb Ibrahim, it tells the story of the angels and their struggle of confusion and divided loyalty, we witness the results of the rebellion and the decision which led to a third of the angels being kicked out of heaven by Immanuel played by actor John Ojeyemi. The play highlights the effects sin has had on mankind throughout time since its inception and it shows the Creators plan of redemption to deal with the sin issue once and for all and that ultimately good overcomes evil.

Final Call Productions (FCP) is a Christian Theatre Company that is run by husband & wife team Jermaine and Danielle Wong. Through drama, theatre, film and poetry, FCP seeks to inspire, inform, engage and encourage its audiences.

“As a believer, I often get challenged with questions about God’s love, fairness and justice. If God is all about love, why is there so much evil in the world? “Why does God allow evil to continue to exist?” Is it just and fair to pardon and forgive wrong-doers?” “Why do the innocent suffer? These are a sample of the many questions we’ve all heard from earnest people who really want to understand how and why a loving God allows sin to devastate and ruin lives. And There Was War is a faithful and sincere response to these questions, it presents a balanced argument with both sides of the story and gives a deep and meaningful understanding to the solution and plan that God has to save and redeem mankind and once you’ve heard both sides it presents the choice every single person has to make. Whose Side Will You Choose?

And There Was War is an inspiring, insightful, relevant and thought-provoking play which will leave audiences with a deeper and meaningful understanding of God’s love for us, audiences will be celebrating how we overcome, will be left with answers and most importantly hope.”

Jermaine Wong Writer/Director of And There Was War.

“I was overwhelmed with the powerful reaction emotionally that I experienced. As each scene unfolded, the characters sprang from scripture and came to life in front of me.” Pam Lister , Gospel Recording Artist

“Literally blown away” Natasha Ferguson, 2bReal Magazine

Exploring famous biblical narratives such as Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Mary & Joseph and Noah’s Ark, And There Was War demonstrates the parallels and difficulties of the present-day problems many face in our communities getting us to consider our choices and outside influences on those decisions. And There Was War creatively interweaves these well-known stories with the story of the angels, the fall of Lucifer and the plan of salvation and through slick and witty dialogue, emotional movement pieces, stylized dance, captivating music and brilliant acting And There Was War demonstrates a simple truth. That God has a plan.

“There is not much in the way of wholesome inspiration for young people in this day-and-age, Jermaine has managed to portray the controversy between good and evil to today’s generation in a real and potentially life changing way. One of the best productions to come out of the UK.” Chris Brooks (Brooks and The Company).

“I have been totally touched by this performance. It makes you realise the power of love… EXTRAORDINARY! I can’t wait to see this play again! Selene Jordan, Premier Gospel Radio.

The And There Was War stage play has developed over the years and has become an effective resource for evangelism and outreach. Seniors, youth, teens and young children have praised the play for its visual and relevant depictions of familiar bible stories that provide powerful and memorable insight into the things of God. After seeing And There Was War many have gone on to make a commitment for Christ, to get baptised and take their journey with Christ seriously.

The reality of a loving God and the existence of evil is a theme that few would seek to address, And There Was War not only presents a compelling rationale for the presence of evil but highlights the comfort of a constant source of help in Jesus and an eternal hope in a God of love. It leaves listeners with the most important question to consider, “Whose side will you choose?” Pastor Les Ackie

Tickets are available now via The Broadway theatre Box Office on 020 8690 0002 or by booking online at

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