Jay Jay Born2Sing New Single “CHAMPION”

On the 16th of August, UK artist Jay Jay Born2Sing released his 2nd single for the year entitled “CHAMPION”. Focusing on the sensitive but universal subject of mental health. Mental Health 2023 statistics report that since the 2020 pandemic, poor mental health has been on the rise. It’s now suggested that over 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health disorder each year in the UK. 

 Jay Jay Born2Sing says 

“Having my own struggles and close experiences with mental health, I felt it was the right time to write this song! Life can be beautiful for some, but for most, it can be a constant battle trying to stay afloat with no one to hear your silent screams, or anyone to trust with your fears and anxieties! This song is to bring further awareness to mental health and to let those who are fighting this fight know that we hear you, we feel you and you are not alone, we are with you to help you stand in your weakest moments. I recently lost a dear friend who was relentless and determined not to let themself sink. This song is also a tribute to her memory. YOU ARE A CHAMPION”

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