Richard Gamble: The Wall of Answered Prayers


The Wall of Answered Prayer A National Landmark of Hope A piece of architectural sculpture built on the outskirts of Birmingham about Jesus.

Made of a million bricks with each one representing an answered prayer.

With the land now secured we will begin building in 2020. We have three aims: Preserve the Christian Heritage of our nation God has faithfully and powerfully moved throughout the history of the UK, whether by answering the prayers of St Augustine in the 6th Century, to the millions of people who queued up outside churches to pray for the men on the beaches of Dunkirk.

We want to celebrate and remember all the prayers God has answered throughout our nation’s history.

Ignite a faith for prayer on a national level Imagine everyone in the country having free access to a database of a million answered prayers. They can type in whatever storm or situation of life that they’re going through, and they’ll be able to see first-hand the God who has done it before, and is more than faithful enough to do it again.

Their faith will be lifted and encouraged. Reveal Christ to the nation Around 500,000 journeys will travel past this monument every week, and we estimate that 150-200,000 people will visit this site annually. We hope that as people interrogate the answered prayers and comprehend the colossal nature of what they are witnessing, they will personally encounter the God who answers.


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