The heart of Ché Sampson’s new album, Break Of Day, is made clear from the very first line that the South-West London artist utters

The heart of Ché Sampson’s new album, Break Of Day, is made clear from the very first line that the South-West London artist utters. The project opens with a short, spoken-word passage, beginning with the juxtaposed words, “Joy comes in the morning/Though I may not sleep at night”.

Break Of Day is driven by a desire to normalise negative thoughts and anxieties that both believers and non-believers may be experiencing. On the album opener, Ché Sampson repeats the statement that joy is on its way – both as an encouragement to the listener, and also as a mantra for herself.

This touches upon what makes Break Of Day such a special project. Ché Sampson has constructed it as a conduit through which she can offer a sense of peace, comfort and reassurance through faith. But at the same time, the music also serves the exact same purpose for Ché Sampson herself. Just like a healthy, spiritual relationship with Jesus, Break Of Day pivots around a two-way conversation – Ché Sampson sings both for herself, and for the listener.

Ché Sampson highlights, “My mission is to create music that builds people’s faith and their confidence, and that helps them to have a closer walk with Christ. It is no coincidence that these are the exact things that I also need on a daily basis. When I first started making music, it was purely as a form of communication to comfort myself. It took me a while to develop the confidence to share it with others.”

Ché Sampson does not sing to the listener from the lofty position of having already solved all her spiritual dilemmas and having figured everything out. Throughout the process of creating the album, Ché Sampson made it a priority to be vulnerable in documenting the darker shades that have challenged her, as well as paying tribute to the bright, celebratory splashes of colour that God unwaveringly offered in response.

After attending the BRIT School, Ché Sampson made a number of appearances as a backing vocalist for Eternal, Des’ree and the late great Noel McCoy. However, following her decision to commit her life wholeheartedly to Christ, she felt compelled to share her testimony through song. Ché Sampson subsequently began releasing music as an independent solo artist, with her debut single, ‘Our God is’, being made available in tandem with her 2013 EP, New Every Morning.

Ché Sampson continues to forge her path as an independent creative, and when she’s not making music, she’s working for a children’s mental health charity. Her use of art therapy in this role has had a stark impact on the way in which she knits together a vibrant array of textures, layers and moods on Break Of Day, to produce a uniquely soothing sonic tapestry.

‘Believe’ serves as the lead single from Break Of Day. It provides a mellow, drawn-in reflection on how, when we are unsure as to which path we should walk, we can lean on our trust in God’s plan, rather than depending on our often fevered and anxious ruminations.

The peaceful ambience of ‘Believe’ ripples through the entirety of the record, with Ché Sampson’s distinctive, harmonic vocals shifting seamlessly from the tenderness of her hymnal ballads (‘Perfect Peace’, ‘Clouds’) to more uptempo, R&B-infused earworms (‘Peace Be With You’, ‘Walk With Me’).

I want my music to heal, free and build listeners’ faith in God.” Over the four year period of writing and honing each song on this album, Ché Sampson has kept this motto at the forefront of her mind. The fact that she has spent four years perfecting this project demonstrates the patience and care that has been given to every single track on Break Of Day.

It is this level of attention that has ensured that each song flows together beautifully, with the album feeling overwhelmingly cohesive. The message is as clear and lucid as Ché Sampson’s striking vocals radiating through her angelic, choral backdrop. Throughout this new record, Ché Sampson wants you to know that you can come to Christ as you are, while at the same time highlighting how spending time with Him will renew your heart and mind. Break Of Day embodies this removal of all barriers, concerns and any sense of inferiority. All are invited to pull up a chair and enjoy Ché Sampson’s debut album, Break Of Day, just as all are welcomed with open arms into God’s presence. 

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