Are you looking for answers to your prayers, hopes and dreams? Have you been longing to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? Have you been wanting to see the manifestation of God in its fullness & to bring real revival into your life?

In this season, life may seem like there are many unanswered questions and tomorrow may seem uncertain, with finances, health and connecting with loved ones.

‘2020 Revival Outbreak Camp Meeting’ has the answers & intends to build awareness by bringing revival, showing the movement of God within Great Britain.

Pastor Sam pastors over Harvest Mission Church and has over ten years’ experience of working in many countries across the globe.

Pastor Sam had a problem of chronic impediment of speech and thought he would never be where he is today. This illness enhanced his relationship with God and allowed him to believe in the divine power of God. This experience furthered developed his faith with God and he wants others to have this same experience, if not greater.

Pastor Sam believes it is a crucial time to shift the focus of people, especially Christians to get people back on track, to expect restoration and for the power of God to heal and deliver.

It is time for a rival within the UK. Claim your place at ‘2020 Revival Outbreak Camp Meeting’ and grab your free tickets on Eventbrite. Expect miracles and the presence of God to be evident in your life. The Holy Spirit is ready and waiting to outpour his blessings on your life.