Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. Music has the ability to convey that which cannot be expressed. Rising faith-based artist Iva Foster creates musical murals with her songs. She has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. Iva approaches every note with fearless class. Her voice is pure and authentic.

She crafts songs which capture the essence of the human spirit. Each and every lyric is carefully crafted to reflect personal experiences, lessons learned and hope for the future. The multi-talented Iva Foster is a mother, wife, friend, motivator, and encourager.

Her energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled her to showcase her amazing stage presence at many different venues around the country. Iva’s music consists of lush melodies and well-sung, powerful anthems.

Her influences include Tamela Mann, Tosha Cobb, James Fortune, Isreal Houghton, Chris Tomlin, and Aretha Franklin. Music is more than theory and melody. It’s the power to make and change lives. Iva Foster realizes the importance of being a strong and positive role model. She taps into her inner strength and recognizes her spiritual power.

She lives her life like it’s golden. Iva truly believes in the “God within” and wants everyone to know just how wonderful life is once the internal power is realized and seized. “My mission is to encourage, motivate, uplift and win souls for the Kingdom” states the songbird. Equally important, Iva Foster has a way of beautifully, honestly and effectively conveying the emotions that most people struggle with communicating.

As a praise and worship leader, she has decided to take her music ministry to the next level. Her sound is universal. “My upcoming album is going to be authentic, epic, fun, and life-changing,” raves Iva. She demonstrates her unforgettable melodies and explosive vocals on her new single, “So Amazing.”

The song is rhythmic and alluring. “So Amazing” is sure to appeal to music fans around the globe.
Written By Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold