Actions Ft. Jayd’n Dominique proving gospel can be any form of music


Since being baptised and being on an eye-opening, on-going walk with God, ALIA shares her desire to pursue a holy lifestyle through following the commandments and transforming her mind with scripture and instruction from God.

With her gospel music being a genius concoction of old school R&B and biblical scripture in a modern era; Indulge in London songstress, ALIA LARA’s dream-like world. She captures the pure essence of having faith and love while pursuing her walk with God and trying to both live and encourage a holy lifestyle in the 21st century through her song writing, which is just as intricate as her vocals.

After many life changing experiences, she uses her songs to create a narrative that most people from any walks of life could understand or relate to, while inviting you into God’s word.

She is surely gearing up to surge both the likes of the Christian community and R&B lovers alike, as an independent artist and follower of Christ.