The Music Video ‘So Good’ talks about the daily challenges of waking up feeling down and low but deciding for once to pray and give over every pain and burden to God. The scene starts with a pan over a pier, show casing Emmanuel Smith Singing. In the video we also see Emmanuel’s mum and his closest friends with him dancing as well as Dance with Stago. The music video ends with Emmanuel Smith jumping in slow motion happier than he was at the start thus explaining that He has giving his problem to God.

Emmanuel Smith is a singer/songwriter who is highly proficient in touching people through the art of music and inspiring others with his words and actions. His greatest desire is to inspire lives and to give people hope through the things he does. He was a live semifinalist on ‘The Voice UK’ and gave some very memorable performances on the show including singing the popular gospel song ‘Made a way’ by Travis Greene. Emmanuel believes there is no better time to promote the message of hope and love than now, and with every given opportunity to proclaim his faith he uses it to the best of his ability!

Emmanuel has been privileged to grace the stage with other singers such as, Jermaine Dolly, Uche Agu, Bishop Jason Nelson, Muyiwa, Jason Porter, Natasha Campbell and many more as well as being mentored by during his journey on ‘The Voice UK’. Emmanuel has also had several concerts, some including ‘Heal Our Land’, ‘The Well Experience’ as well as selling out at Indigo02 in 2019.