Award Winning Christian Movie ‘Child Of The Occult’

Omo Awo is the story of a man who is a child of God. Unknown to him, his father is an occultist. His mother and other siblings died when he was two years old. He is the only child left by his mother. His father has had struggles in business and family in his early life which has led his father to seek solutions from all spiritual and physical sources.

His father’s wife is a witch, his father’s concubine/mistress is a triple witch. His father’s mistress who is also a member of the occult introduced his father to the occult. Omo Awo lives in London and his father lives in Nigeria. Is London a place where there is enough fire to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy unleashed against Omo Awo in the bid to initiate him into the occult.

How will Omo balance his love for God with his duty to family and to his father? Will he remain a child of God – or become a Child of the occult?

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