“I Can’t Find The Edges Of You” explores a deeper discovery of God, engaging Citizens’ audience’s imagination

After months of anticipation, Citizens release their 6th album, ‘I Can’t Find The Edges Of You’. A Seattle-born alternative band that never seem to compromise on their signature soundscape, this album pushes the boundaries of any pre-existing idea of what “Church music” should be like.

In adhering closely to frontman Zach Bolen’s words, “This is a record for the lost, last and least”, they encourage renewed trust in a God who is the very definition of mystery. This unique experience from Citizens offers a comforting reminder of the power of letting go; “It only took me most of my life to see how much I was missing out on by resisting surrender,” Zach adds. 

‘I Can’t Find The Edges Of You’ extends an invitation to those at all ends of the faith spectrum. Citizens are exploring a deeper discovery of God, engaging their audience’s imagination, and inspiring them to reconsider perceptions and presuppositions of the Divine. “Many times [we think] we are grazing the edges of God not realizing it’s our edges that we are bumping up against,” Zach adds, “We create these walls for God to exist within. Boundaries that make sense to us. But the last time I checked, the Divine Mystery isn’t trying to make sense.”

After three years since their last album, Citizens presents 11 new tracks sonically and lyrically intricate with ‘I Can’t Find The Edges Of You’.

Writing songs with honesty and artistry – songs that tell true stories of their journeys – is the heartbeat of Zach, Brian, Connor, Adam, and Daniel, who collectively make up the band Citizens. The Seattle-born band’s desire has always been to craft approachable songs for people to connect to the music and each other, wherever they’re at. Known for their sound that pushes the boundaries of what “Church music” usually sounds like. Their 6th album, ‘I Can’t Find The Edges of You’ on February 24, 2023.

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