Being new to the Christian hip-hop genre and already gaining momentum on TikTok with over 3000 followers in less than a week of starting a page, Victor Vela Boldly faces the COVID-19 pandemic with a new single called “Plan-Demic” Releasing July 31, 2020. Saturated with unpopular views, a fresh perspective, raw lyricism and biblical truth, this track will definitely be controversial. 

Along with vibes that will remind you of a 1980’s thriller movie or Batman riding through the night in the iconic Bat-mobile, Vic addresses many points of contention among the national discourse surrounding COVID-19. Inspired by the highly censored documentary “Plandemic” and the silencing of conservative voices that are speaking out, exposing the narratives of the main stream media, this zealous freshman aims to combat deception and fill a desperate need by bringing attention to the gospel of Jesus Christ.