Born in New York. Raised in Amsterdam, Lewis Base hits us with some new music


Born in New York. Raised in Amsterdam. Born again in Amsterdam. Growing up in one of Amsterdam’s worst neighbourhoods, Lewis witnessed the effects of inadequate urban policy and mass-scale social inequality at an early age. Hard-hitting hip hop beats playing from the boomboxes on the street-inspired him to study the art of hip hop at a young age and he joined a rap collective as a teenager.

Listening to his idols glorifying violence and drugs, Lewis copied many of the activities his heroes bragged and boasted about and fell deeper and deeper into the pitfalls of addiction, debt and depression.

At an all-time low, Lewis was hospitalized in isolation for a few days. With no drugs or alcohol in reach, he was sober for the first time in years and was confronted with his own destructive lifestyle.

Desperate for change, he prayed all night and begged for a change in his life. The very next day he met the love of his life, who introduced him to Jesus Christ as God and saviour.

After a long and difficult process of repentance and conversion, Lewis gave his life to Jesus and watched how God cleaned up all destructive aspects of his life and blessed him spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

Lewis always kept writing lyrics, but it wasn’t until 2020, 16 years after his last tracks, that he decided to publish new music to share the testimony of his life, how the Lord Jesus Christ saved him and how God is able to make a change in your life to. Praise Jesus Christ and God bless!