Ché Sampson Fuses Faith and Mental Health on New Single, ‘Walk With Me’

Ché Sampson, the South-West London singer-songwriter, has a unique understanding of the inextricable, interdependent relationship between faith and mental wellbeing. Ché Sampson is in the special position of being a Gospel artist, while at the same time working for a children’s mental health charity. 

Her work in the field of mental health revolves around art and creativity, which loosely refers to the idea that creative expression can have a significant, positive impact on our wellbeing. Through music and other modes of creativity, Ché Sampson is able to help children work through their issues and find healthy ways of expressing their anxieties.

Therefore, when you listen to Ché Sampson’s new single, ‘Walk With Me’, if you feel a nurturing, calm ambience being conveyed, then it’s because Ché Sampson has a wealth of experience of using music as an active ingredient in the recipe for improving mental health. 

Throughout ‘Walk With Me’, Ché Sampson whisks her art and creativity into a mixture that is generously seasoned with faith. Her relationship with Christ underpins each song on her upcoming debut album, Break Of Day, and through ‘Walk With Me’, Ché Sampson aims to promote the confidence that arises from this personal connection. 

I am not alone/Even if I stumble and fall/You’re right there, you pick me up/And never let me go.” 

‘Walk With Me’ was the last song that Ché Sampson penned for the new record, and she was keen to introduce the genre-blending sound that sets her apart. The R&B-leaning track champions the decision to continue moving forward in faith, no matter how many times we may fall down. 

Ché Sampson has always treated music as a unique communicative tool that can be used to spread a euphorically faith-based message – something the South-West Londoner has been doing ever since she released her New Every Morning EP in 2013.

Ché Sampson underlines, “I’ve had my fair share of anxiety and negative thoughts, and through my music, I want to normalise this. Everyone is susceptible to these things – whether they’re a Christian or not. I want the listener to know that, even when you’re experiencing those feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear, God delights to hear from you. He can help to heal hearts that are honest about how they feel. If you take your worries to God, He will guide you through them.” Choosing to trust in God’s words over negative thoughts is a difficult step – but a liberating one. Through ‘Walk With Me’, Ché Sampson hopes to help listeners to experience the freedom that comes from making this choice. 

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