Do for ya is a song written and inspired from a lady’s point of view, who grew up in a house of faith. However, along the way she left her home and started living a wild and lavish life, searching for love, affirmation and satisfaction in many other things. ⁣

She is a famous person and very well known in her neighbourhood. People know her name, but do they really know what she is going through? ⁣

The emptiness, pain and disappointments in her heart are covered by her fame and beautiful smile. She’s often been misused and abused by men, yet she hides all these things quietly inside herself.⁣

Till finally, she comes to the remembrance and realization of her mother’s words long ago; “??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ????. ?????? ??? ??????????, ??? ??? ?? ?????? ????????.”After much pondering on these words, she felt the love of God and decided to no longer rebel, but to return home.⁣Now the prodigal daughter is back!?

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Producer: TBabz

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