Dr. Charles Woolfork has been a part of the landscape of gospel music as an innovative influence since his discovery at the GMWA New Artist Showcase in 1993. A proven gospel music veteran, writer, producer, preacher/teacher and artist who has released many great projects in the United States and internationally since his first “Givin’ Up The Praise” on Benson Music in 1994. He has worked on many others as a writer, guest artist, contributing producer or executive producer. He has ministered and performed with, and produced for artists such as Karen Clark – Sheard, The Williams Brothers, The Christianaires, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams Hezekiah Walker, Leanne Faine and many more.

Woolfork is pleased to embark on another ambitious music release with his latest single titled ‘GOTTA GEDDIT”

GOTTA GEDDITin this designation is simply an encouragement to pursue Godly living, while continually offering up praise to him to see the promises and blessings manifest in your life!

Woolfork states that the modern “church” environment is stagnant and too sedentary in many ways. It’s like realizing and now knowing that you need to begin an exercise regimen to improve the quality of life, we cannot sit at home on the couch all complacent and comfortable and expect our lives to transform! It takes a commitment, dedication and resolve to see your change come! When you resolve to change, you then have to get up, get out, get going and get to that better place you envision and that God has already promised for you!! We used to sing the old song that went Get up! Stop that sittin down, this is just the way more modern yet still very relevant version! Says Woolfork

GOTTA GEDDIT” is the lead single from Woolfork’s new full CD coming in July titled “SOUL GEOMETRY”. An 11 song Urban/CHH feeling mixtape style release!

I feel like it’s time for us to truly, recognize our various shapes, lines, functions and constructs just like in geometry are all symmetric and work better when working together! You need shapes and lines of all dimensions to build anything great, we just need to know that no matter what that shape is NOW, it can always change and be a blessing to us!! It takes true worshippers and believers to see this happen so God can be glorified the way he deserves in our lives.”

GOTTA GEDDIT” will be digitally released to all formats on March 231st 20120 and the supporting visual on soon after!