Emmanuel Waldron is an award winning Jazz pianist & composer with a unique perspective of fusing Jazz, Black British Gospel, Soul and Blues genres. He has worked, shared the stage with and performed for the likes of Lennox Annie, Black Eyed Peas, HM the Queen & the Duke of York, HM The Prince of Wales, The Late George Duke, Courtney Pine & Beverley Knight amongst other greats. 

By invitation from Bernt Laundal the host & leader of Flekkefjord Jazzklubb and now a fixture in the Norway music scene, Emmanuel Waldron performs LIVE with an orchestral roar and gentleness which has drawn in audiences worldwide to appreciate his approach to Jazz. 

Emmanuel Waldron – Is the first artist to release & record a sold out performance from the Flekkefjord Kultursenter Spira – Norway from since its opening in 2016. 

LIVE at Flekkefjord Spira – also features singer Jnr Robinson and a impressive array of musicians from U.K. & Norway. Chris Morris – Drums, Carl Stanbridge – Bassist & Mix Engineer, Haakon Ogried – Guitar, Jude Linton – Strings on ‘ So Much U’, ‘Graceful’ & ‘The Way You See It’. Gunnar Haagbo – Saxophone. 

Emmanuel Waldron LIVE at Flekkefjord Spira – has a level of authentic intimacy most jazz audiences strive to hear, this successful collaboration comes after his acclaimed 2018 Chardocism album.