This song title has been Holy Spirit inspired way back as of 2years back due to the incessant bombings, suicidal missions, act of terrorism, racism, Political scandals and whole lots of things that should not be evolving in the society. After I ponder on the title, God finally gave me a direction as you will notice the way I have arranged the song lyrically and instrumentally.

Being the King of GospirationaL, I deemed it fit to introduce a kind of Gods Love into the society as it was during the creation of Adam n Eve to the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the same vein, I tried to preach Gods Love back into society, embracing one another, creating peace and tranquillity.

Moreover, I was saddened by the idea the other religious extremist had on scriptures that when you die on a suicide mission, you will automatically be with your creator. I found this astonishing therefore the reason for Holy War song!

I personally shed some light on the song moved from individual religion to political embracing love and standing for our right to live in love making the world a better place.