Ephraim Bugumb being a survivor of a massacre in congo and his new music release Interview with visionstvonline

Ephraim Bugumba is a 26-year-old musician and refugee of the 1999 Congolese massacre. His family spent years living nomadically, finding solace and comfort in the spiritual hymns they would sing after sundown. They made it to South Africa where he grew up and came to America on a Human Rights Visa at 16 years old. Shortly after the start of quarantine, Ephraim posted a TikTok about his life story that went viral and now has over 1.8 million views.

Ephraim plays guitar, drums, piano, sings, and produces in his bedroom. His songwriting is authentic, vulnerable, and features profound storytelling. Ephraim’s sound is drawn from elements of AfroPop, Electronica, and R&B but is uniquely his own. His futuristic and genre-blending single, Stormz, now has over 230k streams. Ephraim’s first debut EP, Epoch: Part I, is scheduled to release on November 4th.

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