Exclusive Interview with Reblah: Inspiration behind single “Kingdom Business”

  1. Can you share the inspiration behind your upcoming single “Kingdom Business” and how it fits into the theme of your music? 

The inception of Kingdom Business primarily stems from our profound commitment to Christ and our genuine dedication to the authentic purpose embedded within Christian music. Our divine calling, as ordained by God, is to actively engage in the noble mission of winning souls for salvation. This resonates deeply with the wisdom imparted in Proverbs 11:30, which underscores the notion that one who wins souls is truly wise.”

  1. What was the experience like working with Ace Valentino, the producer of “Kingdom Business”? How did the collaboration enhance the overall sound and message of the song? 

“Collaborating with Ace Valentino has been a phenomenal experience. We’ve produced numerous hits, including notable tracks like the Top Up S2 freestyle and Wavy on the upcoming album. Ace Valentino’s background and heartfelt commitment to Christ, aimed at offering the best to God, truly elevate the song ‘Kingdom Business’ to the status of a genuine banger.”

  1. “Kingdom Business” is described as an Afrobeat/Rap gem. Can you elaborate on how you seamlessly blend these genres and what influence they have on your musical style?  

“I maintained a consistent style by rapping with an Afro/UK flow, drawing from my Nigerian roots, which allowed me to flow effectively on the track. ST-Saint contributed a uniquely catchy hook along with a highly talented verse, significantly expanding the song’s appeal. R-Scars, with his more wavy style, delivered a verse that I believe is timeless.” 

  1. The lyrics of “Kingdom Business” are said to delve into the Kingdom of God and emphasize the duty of spreading love. How do you approach incorporating meaningful messages into your music, and what message do you hope listeners take away from this particular track? 

“I convey the message of love and salvation in my music through a continual engagement with the holy scriptures. It is our aspiration that listeners are brought closer to God through the passion, love, and compassion expressed in our verses and the captivating choruses devoted to the Lord.”

  1. “Kingdom Business” is described as creating an uplifting and motivational experience. Can you share how you intend for your music to inspire and uplift your audience? 

“My aim is for the music to stir the hearts of listeners, inspiring them to lead purer, more righteous lives and ultimately cultivate a meaningful relationship with Christ Jesus.” 

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