Shack Santima entitled “KJMJK” which stands for, Know Jesus Make Jesus Known

This track is jam-packed with an afrobeat/afro swing influence, it has a unique francophone tone to it. The message behind the song emphasizes knowing Jesus personally not from what individuals have made up or misrepresented Him to be but knowing Him for who He is  and reveals Himself to be through a personal relationship. Thus, knowing Him and in turn making Him known to the world. 

Linguistically, there’s a mixture of English, French and Lingala deriving from Santima’s Congolese roots. The beat is infused with an instrumental element of Sebene, a Congolese gospel genre. KJMJK draws on French influences, it has a dancing vibe with a melodic chorus and explosive rap verses, which switch between flows constantly. 

This song came about as the beat was trending on TikTok via the sound (Amon – not responsible) with the caption on the videos being ‘dancing like David’ or the full scripture ‘2 Samuel 6:14-22’. Which reads, “Then David danced before the LORD with all his might” to show the joy and praise in dancing and worshipping God through the good and bad times knowing that He will always come through, Santima flipped it into a banger everyone and anyone can listen, dance and vibe to.


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