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Anita Loves’s Anthem Celebrating the Grace of God


A mid-tempo Afro-pop track, ‘Grace’ is an anthem of gratitude and appreciation. As we come to the end of one year and usher in a new year, ‘Grace’ is the perfect song to celebrate and reflect on the grace of God. 
“Come with me, let me take you on a journey, learn a little bit about me, the grace He’s shown me…”
In this new single, Anita narrates and testifies of the gift of God’s saving grace in her life over the last few years when she was in ‘dark pit’ season. Her lyrics take the listener on a journey of the workings of God’s grace, and 

will certainly stir hearts to celebrate the grace of God in their own lives!
Produced by TK Beat King, who also produced two of Anita’s previous singles (Make Me Sing and Lifetime), Anita cements her sound in ‘Grace’ with her vulnerable verses and catchy chorus, on this upbeat melody that will certainly make you want to move.
As an upcoming artist on her 5th release – Anita highlights that her music and her lyrics are a reflection of her journey of hills and valleys with the Lord; from ‘Lifetime’, to ‘No More’, and now  ‘Grace’. 

‘Grace’ is set for release on Monday 18th December 2023. 

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