Exclusive Interview: D Major Unveils Powerful New Single “Eagles” – A Journey of Faith, Authenticity, and Redemption

1 What inspired you to choose the title “Eagles” for your new song, and how does it connect to your Christian faith?

I was inspired to title the song “Eagles” because, based on what the song is about, an Eagle is what comes to mind. It’s not your typical bird that you see in the sky, just as the song is also about being different. They also soar higher than other birds. Regarding my Christian walk, especially in the chorus when I say “I’m tryna soar like an eagle”, I’m essentially talking about trusting in God and not my own might and power, as you don’t see them flapping in the air in effort to remain above the ground. We’re called to live the same.

2 In “Eagles,” are there specific biblical references or spiritual themes that you explore in the lyrics?

There’s a specific Bible verse which is Isaiah 40:31. I would say that the chorus especially pretty much preaches that Bible verse. The verse talks about trusting in God and as a result, not growing weary. This is in comparison to what many like me may be surrounded by, which is people doing things their own way, not trusting or even acknowledging God in their ways, but rather going the illegal or ungodly route. This however results in not having peace, despite having the “p’s”.

3 Can you elaborate on the creative process behind “Eagles,” including the musical influences and collaborators involved in its production?

The instrumental for “Eagles” was initially a “Pa Salieu Type Beat”. I searched for “type beats” by this artist as he’s an artist out of many from the Afro genre that I’m influenced by. This ranges from the sound selection to the delivery. However, the beat was remade by the general, Manny Sampah. It was also excellently engineered by Septimus Prime.

4 How do you hope the message of “Eagles” will resonate with your audience, both within and beyond the Christian music community?

I firstly hope that the message of “Eagles” towards my audience within the Christian community encourages people who may be in a similar position to continue trusting Gods process, despite the other options they’re surrounded by, or which other routes there are to get to where they want to be. For those beyond the Christian community, I hope “Eagles” lets them know that they don’t have to continue with whatever lifestyle they live that God doesn’t intend for them, and that there is a better and alternative route that provides peace as well as their desires.

5 Are there personal experiences or stories that influenced the writing of the song, and if so, how do they contribute to its overall message?

I have many personal experiences that influenced the writing of the song. Wanting the bag and wanting to be in a certain position in life, the song is based on the temptations, routes and opportunities I’ve encountered. The song is based on tests of life that I’ve failed, as well as the tests I passed as I’ve matured and grown. The song also mentions my upbringing, which plays a big part in the decisions I’ve made. So even if the times I’ve strayed away, I end up remembering the way I was brought up.

6 How does the musical style of “Eagles” reflect your artistic evolution as a Christian rapper?

“Eagles” reflects my evolution as a Christian artist, from being an artist who used to shy away from being transparent about my life experiences and mistakes to using the same experiences and mistakes to tell a story, to relate and to inspire. It shows an artist and Christian who is saved and flawed simultaneously and isn’t afraid to show it because people relate to authenticity.

7 Can you share any challenges or rewarding moments you encountered while working on “Eagles”?

I can name many challenges I’ve encountered. However, those challenges never came without rewarding moments. From the original beat being sold and no longer being available, I thought “Eagles” would be scrapped as a single. However, I had my producer not only reproducing the beat, but also making a better version. The list goes on, all the way to the music video which is soon to come out. This was probably the most challenging part, but it turned out better than planned.

8 For those unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe the distinctive elements that set “Eagles” apart from your previous releases?

I would say the distinctive element would be the genre itself, as “Eagles” is my first of this genre of music. My previous releases have transitioned from the drill beats, to the chilled rap type beats, now to a genre with an aggressive/jumpy vibe. This has also challenged me in terms of my delivery, challenging me not only in what I’m saying, but how I say and deliver it.

9 As a Christian artist, how do you approach balancing the creative expression of your music with the spiritual messages you aim to convey?

In terms of my approach regarding the balance of the creative expression and the spiritual messages that I aim to convey, I always allow the heart to feel whilst allowing the Spirit to write. Take “Eagles” for instance, the heart felt the different challenges with wanting to get the bag, the obstacles and the difficulty of not taking the driving wheel from God. With all of that said, I then allow the Spirit to put all the emotions into words and lyrics. Essentially, this is just to put my emotions, but most importantly, my story out there, knowing that someone also relates and is in a similar battle.

10 Looking ahead, what do you envision for the impact of “Eagles” on both your career and the listeners who engage with this particular song?

In total honesty, regarding the impact on my career I envision from releasing “Eagles”, I leave that all to God. I say that not to sound cliche, but I’ll be lying if I said it wasn’t all Him that brought the song this far, in terms of it simply being released. So if he’s brought me this far, I leave the impact, which is the rest, to Him. Regarding the listeners, I hope they stay locked in and continue hearing my story and being impacted by it as they continue to relate.

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