Worship collective Village Lights are releasing the new single ‘Fire and The Fountain’on Friday, March 5, 2021. The song was born out of inspiration from the feast of Pentecost and a sequence traditionally read in the Catholic Church on this occasion that personifies the Holy Spirit in a multitude of ways.

Village Lights drew from those different personifications – the “Father of the poor” and “our souls most welcome guest” – as well as from an old hymn, ‘Come, O Creator Spirit Blest’ which further expounds on the person of the Spirit. The collective wanted to exemplify how the Spirit is both powerful and gentle, magnifying the juxtaposition of His manifestation: the spirit is in the fire and in the fountain. ‘Fire And The Fountain’ is for those longing for a song of invitation – an invitation to the Holy Spirit to move in our lives and the lives of those around us.

A song longing for a new Pentecost to meet us here today. Releasing March 5, 2021, ABOUT VILLAGE LIGHTS Village Lights is a worship collective based in Nashville, TN and Arizona made of three individual artists (Ike Ndolo, Sarah Kroger, and Ricky Vazquez.) The band came together to create a space for a community built around their passion for justice and where all are welcome to come and encounter God.

Fire And The Fountain