Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) – the body representing British Gospel – has appointed six new Directors to shape and implement a national vision for the sector as it launches into the new 2020 era.

Chosen for their influence, experience and expressed passion the elected individuals are:

Karen Gibson – founder and conductor of Kingdom Choir
Marcia Dixon – award winning Journalist and PR Specialist
Wizdom – former member GreenJade and Managing Director of Tileyard Impact

Roger Moore – record label and film production owner/founder GL360 Anu Omideyi– leading Choir Director and Worship Leader
Tolu Apebegba – popular radio and media Presenter

The new Directors were chosen by special committees set up in each of the GMIA’s six regional areas representing practitioners from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, South West & Wales, North, Midlands and South East and London. The mood amongst the diverse creative community is one of great excitement and expectation. They join existing Directors Janet Simpson (music director and member of legendary group The Simpson Sisters), Kevin Tomlin (Black Music historian and author), and GMIA founder Juliet Fletcher (British Gospel Pioneer).

During the past decade the growth and influence of Gospel Music in Britain has seen an exponential participatory increase, particularly with the rise of African Gospel beats and following the popularity of community, university and corporate Gospel Choirs. More significant to this is the exposure of gospel acts at various high profile events and occasions in the media.

Changes for the organisation followed an intense process of
procuring new volunteers, taking part in the formation of regional
networks and recommendations to the GMIA Board with
nominations coming from far and wide. This was independently adjudicated by O’Neil Dennis (aStepfwd.com) and Adebayo Abimbola (7GospelTracks.com) after their formation of Gospel Action Group set up as a catalyst for seeing transformation for sector ambitions through united effort. More than fifty nominations was whittled down to fifteen. Each representing their region, a total of thirteen regional nomination committee members were each instructed to vote on their final choice of six without conferring.

Juliet Fletcher commented: “It is an exciting time for GMIA to have this new influx of very influential and inspirational individuals – a strong collective to forge and shape a national plan in this new era. We know that a vision that is clearly defined, achievable, that benefits our creative community and works for them in a continually changing marketplace is required. We will need to call upon other individuals in every region to build this new vision. The Board’s job is to start the ball rolling but only together as a united sector can we keep it rolling”.

The new Board is scheduled to hold its first meeting in March.