Gospel Artists Unite singing ‘Amazing Grace’ to raise funds for Cavell Nurses’ Trust this Easter. Let’s be ‘Here for Nurses’ who help us.


Lurine Cato, MOBO award-winning Gospel singer and songwriter brings together some of the UK’s top Gospel Artists, including Jamaica’s, Chevelle Franklyn to raise the roof with a heartfelt arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ to raise vital money for UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in personal or financial hardship.

“The public’s appreciation of the NHS has been phenomenal and we want to appreciate them a step further by donating to Cavell Nurses’ Trust,” states Cato.

“It goes without saying that the work of the NHS staff has been crucial to fight of COVID 19. Nurses and other frontline staff working within hospitals, community and other places are now risking their lives to save others. However, they are not immune to realities of life and may become disabled, experience domestic violence, ill health or problems during older age, finding they cannot respond to the emergencies in their own lives. This is where Cavell Nurses’ Trust comes in to offer financial and emotional support to relieve the burden and pressure our heroes may find themselves in.

We know that during this time, some nurses are not able to be with their families, their children have to go to school while their parent continues to save lives. Spare a moment to listen to ‘Amazing Grace’ for our Amazing Nurses and give generously.”

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust roots go back to 1917 when a fund to care for the nation’s nurses was set up in memory of British nurse Edith Cavell. She’s celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides in World War One, regardless of nationality. Because she helped 200 allied soldiers reach freedom from German-occupied Belgium, Edith was arrested, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death on 12 October 1915.

Giving grants to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants is an important part of what Cavell Nurses’ Trust does, but they also provide emotional support, signposting services and advice on maximising benefits. The total cost of this last year was nearly three-quarters of a million pounds and they want to help many more nurses in 2020. With your help, we can help them achieve this impact.

The link is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/amazing-grace-for-amazing-nurses

Gospel Artists Unite consists of some of the UK’s top Gospel Artists Including guest artist, Jamaican multi-award-winning artist, Chevelle Franklyn; Priscilla Jones Campbell from the former, multi-award winning group, Nu Colours; Emmanuel Smith, The Voice UK; Egypt, House Gospel hit, In The Morning; Ruth Waldron, MOBO Nominee (now based in Norway); Tony Momrelle, lead singer of Incognito; Jason Nicholson-Porter; The Voice UK Premier Gospel Award-winner; Remi Odumesi, GEM Award winner; Natalie Pearl GEM award-winner; Adelaide McKenzie, Gospel Jazz singer, GEM award-winning artist; Dave Daniel (BBC Proms); Yolanda Antonio (BBC Radio 2); Janine Edwards; David Copeland; Andrae Jourdine; Jenny Ingram Brown; Barbra Jacob; and up-and-coming young artists, Charles Dada, Tehillah Daniel, Rachel Cato-Tyson, and Janine Edwards.

Music Arrangement & Production: Marcus Johnson (Soul II Soul, Damage), Lurine Cato & Paul Watson; Vocal Edits: Peter Dudley; Bass Guitar: Freddie Thompson; Video Producer: Jonathon Luchow; Music Advisor: Lawrence Johnson; and Executive Producer: Marlene Cato

‘Amazing Grace’ registered as ‘He Looked Beyond My Faults’ written by Dottie Rambo 1968 ©Designer Music/Concord Music/Small Stone Media (admin in UK by Song Solutions www.songsolutions.org).