“Men are BOLD. Men are BRAVE. Men are strong in the face of fear. But what happens when that strength crumbles”.

Guvna b has written another book stating his experiences with depression, anxiety and grief after his father passed away. He also speaks about all these burdens affecting him because of toxic masculinity not allowing him to express those problems. Guvna b goes on to say that all these problems are especially hard for black men.

Vision TV Online support the rapper Guvna b and will continue to support him. Make sure you check out his new book available in all book stores.

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His book is being supported by a lot of people in the community and here are a few quotes on what they had to say about his book.

Benjamin Zephaniah‘This is one of the most honest books you will ever read. Guvna B is a real survivor. This is a book of liberation.’

George The Poet‘A revealing and relatable memoir.’

Michael KiwanukaI relate to and learn from so much in this book. A delight to read.’

Zoe BallGuvna B writes from the heart here on love, loss & life’s curveballs. He has magical insight. I found this book a real comfort. A truly moving, inspiring and uplifting read.’

Justin Welby‘Unspoken is a great read and will bring a huge amount of hope, understanding and faith in God’.

Revd Nicky Gumbel‘Guvna B is massively talented in so many fields, but it is his heart. which packs the biggest punch’.

Kanya King CBE‘Reading some lines of this book is like reading part of my life story.’