The song ‘How Precious’ is based on Psalm 139. How Precious started as an acoustic song ‘I was sat on my couch with the Psalm and my guitar and just started playing, I think it’s the first time this happened with lyrics and melody at once (more or less)’ – Gwil. The message this song pushes is that God formed us by the work of His hands the way He wanted to make us, in His image. He knows our every thought, what our heart focuses on ‘That sounds scary, but it’s so amazing to know that the Creator God knows and loves us’ – Gwil. He has plans for us and shares them with us. He is a faithful God, we might stray but He is never far and His arms are open wide for us to run into.

‘This song was a joy and a blessing to work on as not only was I focusing on the production of this but the lyrics were also just speaking to me while developing it’ – Caleb. Gwil is currently working on an EP due to release in the autumn with some singles interspersed between now and then. Caleb recently released two EP’s, one with lyrics and an instrumental album. Each artist is available on all streaming platforms.