The show uses his lyrics to talk openly about the impact of current events over an energetic hip-hop/rock infused melody, while offering encouragement and motivation in this unprecedented time due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The chorus says “I Will Rise” which is sung by The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers who are featured on the track.

In a time of uncertainty all over the world due to the unprecedented ripple effect of COVID-19, Show believes we all need to pause, breathe and refocus on what is truly important in our lives. This song is a reminder that even though you can’t control some situations, you can control your reactions.

It reminds us that you do have the strength to rise above your current circumstances and believe that a new day is coming. Originally inspired by the tone of the times, the video concept was filmed on an abandoned airplane runway with aerial drone shots to inspire others to continue to rise to the occasion despite the hardships, anxiety and other issues that are currently facing you.

This song is created to give affirmations to the frontline workers across the world and everyone that needs an extra boost to keep moving forward.