I wrote this song reflecting on some hard times that I’ve gone through recently, from feeling like I’ve wanted to quit and give up, to not understanding what God was doing or why He would let something like this happen, to feeling hurt and pain, etc. However, in all of that, I know that Jesus is the One who can bring me through whatever circumstance that I face. He really is all I need, and how I can push through.

Also, I’ve come to have a better understanding that people’s opinions of who I am or what I should be are not the final authority in my life. I don’t have to waste my time dwelling on what they say because God’s opinion of me is what matters the most, and I know I have His acceptance through Jesus Christ.

Also, this song shows that it’s okay to share the hurts and pains that we go through and not hold it in; we don’t have to have it all together. When we hold it in, it makes it worse, and God loves us so much that He wants us to cast our worries and anxieties on Him.

I know that anyone who listens to this song will be able to relate and connect in some way or fashion because we have all been through something like this or are going through it right now. I hope and pray that this song impacts you and points you to Jesus. As always, I put a lot of heart and soul into this song.