Kingdmusic rereleases “Child of Heaven” listen to the new version


“Child of Heaven” was initially released in June 2020. Kingdmusic felt that a lot of people need to hear about their Identity in Christ with everything that’s currently happening in the world. 

This is the reason why he’s releasing the remake of the song with one of the top Christian artists in Brazil, Gabriela Gomes. Gabriela is a Christian artist, worship leader, songwriter and a producer. She is the daughter of Marquinhos Gomes, a well-respected Christian artist in Brazil who’s had more than 20 years of a music career. This is what Gabriela had to say about the song “This song is about Identity, it’s about nations and a generation that knows to whom it belongs to. I dream of a generation that people will look at and say, ‘I want to be part of this place, I want to believe in what they believe in.” This song is a great reminder and powerful declaration of who we are. 

The song is very close to Kingdmusic’s heart and this is what he shared about the song: “God gave me the song idea when I was at the lowest point in my life. After going into music & ministry full time, I got depressed for a few months. Things were tough for me financially, emotionally, mentally and that affected me spiritually.

This left me in a vulnerable space and had the enemy say things to me like; You are a failure, you are not loved, you are alone, you are not worth it, you are a sinner and you don’t deserve God’s grace.’ I felt alone, and that is when the Holy Spirit reminded me of who I am and directed me to the book of Ephesians. I regained my confidence through scripture and now we have this powerful song.

I pray this song reminds you of what you carry, who you are, and WHOSE YOU ARE. You are a CHILD OF HEAVEN. Jesus knows your name.” You can listen to the music here