“Mark Asari known for entering the voice UK TV competition, having a speech impediment but being able to sing. fluently with ease. over 2 million youtube views.”

This song is my first release as a newly born again Christian, I say newly born again because the times I was ‘born again’ i wasn’t serious and was still living for myself and my flesh. I really like this song as it’s a celebration simply celebrating the fact that God is always ready to accept us back into his will no matter how far we’ve been away from him. Unworthy as we are he still loves us and are precious to him. This song came about during the lockdown period as I had a lot of time to reflect over my life, not really knowing where I was going and having no direction. Also being bound by sin and not seeing no way out as well being spiritually dead. I can happily say those chains are breaking off by the day the more I seek him.

I was an artist/songwriter in the secular world chasing a superstar lifestyle and the approval and acceptance from people, losing myself in the process, doing any and anything to get myself out there, and I much rather live a life of purpose and to glorify God. the Bible explains it perfectly ‘For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’

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