ME2 Rocks – Cover me – Indie Rock style worship


Indie Rock style worship of The Jewish King Messiah, Yeshua! This song has had feedback that it has resulted in ‘deliverance ministry’ on the listener, so be warned

ME2 Rocks consists of a collaboration of session musicians and Artists ( that Paint! ) + use their gifts + talents to make a joyful sound of thanks + praise to God. What does ME2 Rocks stand for? Simple: Messianic Evangelistic until the 2nd Coming of Messiah King Yeshua. The ‘Rocks’ means we store our treasures in Heaven. ME2 Records houses the Dance style presentations. ME2 Rocks Records houses the Guitar orientated music. ‘Cover me’ is ‘deliverance ministry’ in a song! Being of Jewish roots, the same as Our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), we are guided by His Torah (all 66 books of The Bible) + transformed to live for His glory by Holy Spirit. Looking forward to seeing you soon!