In Michael Personne’s latest single ‘Survival’, he explores the challenges faced as an individual trying to live out his unique identity in a world that attempts to homogenise and dictate the behaviour of the masses through forms of social policing. By using ‘the jungle’ as a metaphor for the oppressive nature of society’s demands for conformity, he presents a unique perspective of the world through the lens of one who is marginalised and subject to social exclusion. Feature artist Davecreates explores these challenges from the perspective of one judged and discriminated against on the basis of skin colour. ‘Survival’ is among a number of other tracks which will be released by Michael Personne as part of a larger project in 2021.

Michael Personne is a Hip Hop artist from Birmingham, UK. His music combines clever lyricism and captivating content over beats comprising of 90’s Hip Hop, Jazz and RnB elements. With musical influences including Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco & Saba, Michael Personne explores topics such as the human condition, socio-political issues and his everyday experiences as a Christian. His music is poetic in nature through its use of monologues, allegories and fictional stories which he uses throughout his art with the ultimate aim of entertaining, educating and edifying the minds of his listeners. Instagram: @michaelpersonne Twitter: @michaelpersonne Facebook: @michaelpersonnemusic