The song is an uplifting R&B song with a chilled vibe and gospel influences. We wrote this song whilst on a songwriting camp in Los Angeles. Before one of our studio sessions, we began jamming in a breakout room and spontaneously came up with the main groove of the song. We loved it and immediately started writing and recording around our initial idea the same day!

NATIONS was created when six lovers of Jesus, all from different countries, met in Los Angeles during the Iris School of Ministry LA in 2019. What God did in their hearts in those four weeks transformed their lives, with the music they made perfectly epitomising the wonder and excitement of encountering God. All incredibly talented musicians and songwriters in their own right, Heidi, Anna, Jez, Elisabet, Ming and Jamarl came together as family to enrich the christian music scene with a sound that promises to impact the lives of everyone who hears.

Their debut single ‘Sweet Love’ off their forthcoming EP entitled, ‘Broken + Mended’ beautifully captures the joy and peace they experienced during the creative process, laced with the energy and funk to get you out of your seat!