New App, Fidarr Launches to help the discovery of Emerging Christian creatives. A new startup, Fidarr has launched in Nigeria a web app to support faith-based Christain creatives with a dedicated music streaming service to aid their discovery. The Fidarr platform is a social music streaming & video community application for discovering emerging Christian artists, video content creators, and music curators. The beta version of the Fidarr Web (, a Spotify style web-based app allows users to stream music, create a playlist, and enjoy other music streaming experience.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enyo Sam said that the service plans to revolutionize, reduce copyright infringement and illegal music use in the Christain entertainment industry, in a case where royalties will be paid to the Christian creatives from their contents been streamed by users and fans on Fidarr, allowing them to make money off their creative works and build them sustainable career pathways.“Our mission is to harness the potentials of emerging Christian creatives, allowing them to deploy their skills and billions of people from the Christian population get a chance to be entertained by their creativity.” the CEO said.

Fidarr Partners Limited, the parent company to Fidarr, will be working on a mobile app that will see the fusion of an Artificial Intelligence-powered music streaming and video community service in one single application that will be launched before mid-2021. The vision of Fidarr is visualizing a platform where Christian creatives can be limitless, providing everyone with a fascinating experience and making money. The company sees it’s competitors to be Spotify and TikTok at the international level while Boomplay at the local level (Africa).

Fidarr remains confident that with the uniqueness of the product, offering features that will enhance the discovery of emerging Christian creatives (artists, video content creators and music curators) from the Christian population will give a competitive advantage over its competitors. How to Use Fidarr Web App

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email and password, then Create Account
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the home page.
  4. You are now a Fidarr user!

Fidarr for ArtistsArtists can upload their songs for FREE go live on the Fidarr App, you can visit the Fidarr Artists Portal to get your songs on our music library here or send an email to for help.